8 social media strategy

8 Step Social Media Strategy

Source : socialmediaexplorer What are your thoughts about this strategic approach? Does your organization have a social media strategy in place? If so, how does it differ from the one represented in this infographic? Check it out.

social media strategy

Plan Your Social Media Strategy

Source : omnilligence If you’re serious about using social as a business tool, it must be supported the same way as any other marketing activity. You need to start with a solid, well formulated strategy. Some of the strategies can be viewed in this infographic.

why go social

Why Go Social?

Source : radiatemedia Americans are using social media to research products, review companies, and conduct local searches. This adds up to 27% of all time spent online. Also, 82% of small businesses owners are already using Facebook to promote their business. Check this infographic to see why you need to Social Media for your businesses.

social media in business

Using Social Media for Business

Source : socialmediatoday Social media isn’t just used for connecting with existing customers, it’s also a great tool for acquisition. With 54% of marketers gaining a new customer through Facebook this year alone, businesses should be looking to join this trend. If you aren’t already familiar with social media, the terminology and the range of…